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Access Hire

From window cleaning, building and roofing, telecoms, wind turbine maintenance and film and television work, access platforms are an extremely useful piece of kit that can dramatically speed up project work and provide a safe and effective way to access hard-to-reach places. 

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Our Palfinger P370KS is a versatile machine that sits on an 18 tonne MAN chassis, and has a working height of 37 meters.


It also boasts up to 31.5 meters of outreach - meaning it can reach places many other machines can't.

With 20 years of access industry experience, we are considered experts in our field, a team with the skills and knowledge to solve problems and find solutions for even the most challenging projects.

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Key Benefits of our Access Platform

01 Outreach

Reach over gardens, buildings, around trees, and through tight areas. 

02 Speed

Quick and efficient deployment means no delays waiting for scaffolding or other more time-consuming access solutions to be erected.

03 Height

Quick, efficient access up to 13 storeys high. 

04 Small Footprint

Ideal for tight or restricted areas such as city centres or facilities such as schools and hospitals.

05 Safety 

All our operators are fully qualified and trained for working at height. 


Access Platforms also eliminate the risks associated with leaving scaffolds up overnight - reducing health and safety, and security risks. 

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Contact us today on 01422 324722
or email
to see if access platform hire can help streamline your project. 


"We have used  Michael Wilson & Son to help cover our work in the North. They are punctual, helpful, and always willing to work with us to get things done, especially considering the forever-changing nature of our industry. Tom and his staff always seem to go the extra mile to be able to say yes!"


Ian, Media Access Solutions Ltd. 


"Everything about the service and the truck operator was first class, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use the company going forward.

Thank you very much for your services and wish you and your team all the best."

James M, Turbine Engineer

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