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Mastering Roof Maintenance: A Facilities Manager's Guide to Success.

Facilities managers play a vital role in ensuring the long-lasting strength and durability of commercial buildings. Among the critical aspects to master is the proper maintenance of the roof. In this blog, we'll highlight some common roofing challenges and provide some guidance for facilities managers on how to navigate these issues positively, preserving the structural integrity of their buildings for longer, and ultimately making their job easier.  

  1. Embrace Regular Inspections: Regular roof inspections are an opportunity to proactively identify and address any potential issues, ensuring the sustained health of the roof over time. 

Strategy: Implement a consistent inspection schedule, ideally biannually, to catch and resolve potential problems in their early stages. This positive approach fosters a sense of control and prevents minor issues from becoming major concerns. 


2. Optimising Drainage Solutions: Effective drainage solutions are a cornerstone of a well-maintained roof, preventing water-related issues and preserving the building's structural integrity. 

Strategy: Regularly clean gutters and drains, ensuring smooth water flow. Embrace proactive measures such as installing additional drainage solutions if needed and keep a note on how these solutions impact any water-related problems in the future. 


3. Choosing the Right Materials: When looking at maintenance or re-roofing make your material selection based on the climate and building requirements. This ensures a roof that stands the test of time and is both reliable and resilient. 

Strategy: Collaborate with roofing experts to choose materials that complement the local environment as well as contributing to the overall strength and appeal of the building. 


4. Comprehensive Repairs: Thorough repairs that address both visible issues and underlying causes can really extend the life of your roof and minimise future disruptions when further repairs are needed.  

Strategy: Conduct meticulous inspections to identify root causes before making repairs.  


5. Prioritising Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is a breath of fresh air for a building, preventing moisture-related problems such as damp or mould and mildew - contributing to a healthy indoor environment. 

Strategy: Ensure proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. Routinely check ‘problem areas’ such as cold walls, areas around windows and doors and behind big furniture.  


6. Adhere to Guidelines: Make sure you adhere to the manufacturer guidelines on roofing materials and products to ensure warranties are honoured, and roofing materials perform optimally. 

Strategy: Familiarise yourself with manufacturer guidelines for installation and maintenance of any roofing material or building maintenance product, and/or use an approved installer to complete the work. 

7. Investing in Professional Services:  Relying on qualified professionals for roofing services and building maintenance is an investment in the longevity and resilience of the building, and ultimately will make your job much easier.  

Strategy: Choose professional roofing services from reputable companies that you can build a partnership with for ongoing support. 


Mastering roof maintenance is about taking proactive steps to ensure the sustained strength and longevity of commercial buildings. For guidance and support, consider reaching out to Michael Wilson and Son Ltd. As a trusted family business dedicated to supporting commercial property owners, we offer tailored solutions that positively impact the health and resilience of your roofing systems. To find out more: Contact Us.  

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